Add£ºDongting Xintun Industrial Park, Xishan District, Wuxi City
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Wuxi Yuanheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the national development zone of Wuxi-as named ¡°mini-Shanghai¡±- in Jiangsu province. Wuxi neighbors to Suzhou and Shanghai to its east, Changzhou and Nanjing to its west and Jiangyin to its north, with very convenient and advanced transportation. Wuxi Jiuheng Machinery Co., Ltd. manufactures piping devices of brakes, hydraulics, oil burning and gas supplying systems inindustries of construction machinery, air compressor and locomotive, as well as metal piping fittings in metal furniture and plumbing and sanitary equipment.
 In addition, the company can supply components of worsted machinery and non-standard electrical cabinets.
Our company has CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, machining centers, imported precision processing equipment, testing equipment, coordinate measuring machines and imported machines, projectors, volume with Japan Mitutoyo micrometer, caliper, and other specialized testing tools. Since its establishment, has always been constant and unrelenting follow the "credibility first, service first, leading technology, quality assurance" business purposes, persistent "people-oriented, Science and Technology, Management Standards" as the guiding ideology of enterprise development. Continuously improve the development and management to enrich and improve manufacturing and service capabilities, which reflects a strong design and manufacturing ability, perfect management system with well, with stable sales market is not bad corporate image. In recent years, the company obtained ISO9000 quality system certification of international quality system certificate and a series of honors.
The company provides best quality products by importing advanced technology and equipment, for example- CNC pipe bender, selecting best quality of materials from domestic and oversea markets, adopting 5S management and utilizing information network to communicate and cooperate with global suppliers. Jiuheng people believe in ¡°Never best, Better ahead¡± and adhere to ¡°Quality first, reputation first and Customers first¡± to provide best services to customers.


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¡¡Add£ºDongting Xintun Industrial Park, Xishan District, Wuxi City¡¡Link Man£ºHua bin 13665165822¡¡Tel£º0510-88267122
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